2020-2021 Age Categories

Here are the up to date Age Categories

BSCA Age groups 2020-2021

For Circuit, Time Trial, Track and Roller Racing Regional and National Championships, the maximum gear will be the distance covered per crank revolution for that age group.

Generally, the following age categories apply but it is the child’s age on the 1st September at the start of the school year e.g. If a child was 11 on the 1st September 2019, they will be Under 13.

School Years Age Group Max Gear
1 U7 Born on or after 01/09/2013 5.10m
2 U7 Born on or after 01/09/2013 5.10m
3 U9 Born 01/9/2011 – 31/8/2013 5.40m
4 U9 Born 01/9/2011– 31/8/2013 5.40m
5 U11 Born 01/09/2009-31/08/2011 6.05m
6 U11 Born 01/09/2009-31/08/2011 6.05m
7 U13 Born 01/09/2007-31/08/2009 6.45m
8 U13 Born 01/09/2007-31/08/2009 6.45m
9 U15 Born 01/09/2005-31/08/2007 6.93m
10 U15 Born 01/09/2005-31/08/2007 6.93m
11+ O15 Born 01/09/2001-31/08/2005 7.93m


Riders born before 1st September 2001 are not eligible.

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