BSCA Membership Renewals Now Open

Hi All,

You may be aware that Sue Knight and her family are no longer involved with BSCA. It has taken a long time to sort out all the paperwork involved as nearly everything was dealt with by Sue personally and it has been a huge job to separate all the roles out and update everything for the new volunteers involved. We have now virtually completed everything we needed to do including new and improved insurance for 2016/17.

We now invite you to re-join BSCA for the current school year. We are in the process or organising new events for this year and have developed a new website : which has been kept up to date with all the events and will shortly have all the Best All Rounder results for the last school year to enable us to send out all the awards/certificates. We also have a Facebook site: where we post all events and changes etc as they happen.

BSCA is run by a small group of very hardworking volunteer individuals who are dedicated to organising schools cycling events as well as Leader training. We hope that you will continue to support us to enable us to continue to offer our unique events, especially for younger children where there is no equivalent national competition structure.

You can find the membership form here:Membership Form 2016-17

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